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As a member of Saugatuck-Douglas Rotary, you will not only have a positive influence on your community, but also your country and the world. Our distinguished members regularly undertake projects to feed the hungry, fight disease, assist the handicapped and elderly, work with at-risk youth, combat illiteracy, fund scholarship and provide relief to disaster victims. Rotary Club of Saugatuck-Doulgas is proud member of Rotary International District 6360

New Rotary Members

Contact Saugatuck-Douglas Rotary to help your community by participating in a Rotary Service Project or joining the Saugatuck-Douglas Rotary Club. 

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By participating in local and international service projects, club members channel their time and experience where they are needed most,  with aid of resources and support of a global network. The "Avenues of Service" are Rotary's philosophical cornerstone and foundation on which club activity consist of for it members that provide:

- Club Services to maintain and improve club functions.
- Vocational Services to help other through their vocation.
- Community Services to aid in local projects.
- International Services global humanitarian outreach.
- New Generation Services for leadership and youth development activities such as Rotary Youth Exchange

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Rotonda, John
Cell: 616-291-6124

Zarlenga, Lana
Cell: 616-502-7188


Rotary Foundation Chair

Drexler, Robert
Office: 269-857-1438

Club Director
Membership Chair

Godfrey, Bob
Office: 269-857-3430

Immediate Past-President
Sullivan, James B
Office: 614-207-4047